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Benefits of being a Home Health Aide

If you would like a rewarding career in a growing industry,  then the healthcare industry is probably the right way to go for you. The healthcare industry is constantly growing and you do not have to worry about the economy slowing it down.

A fast-growing area in the medical field  is Home Health Aide. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the career home health aides opportunities will increase 49% by the year 2022. What is the cause of this you may ask? The answer is quite simple: Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers is the generation defined as persons born Post World War II between 1946-1964. The baby boomer generation is a large group of roughly 76 million Americans. This generation is aging and relies on home health aides to assist them with preparing food, administering medication, companionship, etc.

Why aren’t these people living in senior citizen homes? Well the likelihood is that people prefer to live in their own private homes. However, if they are sick or injured they may need some kind of assistance. This is where home aides become beneficial.

People are willing to pay for them. Meaning there is a high likelihood that you will find a job. There are also policies in place that protect home health aides and make sure you are getting fair treatment.

Remember a career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by location.


Career Option: Health and Fitness Blogger

Are you a currently working on a Nutrition, Diet, and Health Science Career Diploma from Ashworth? With a career diploma from Ashworth you will graduate ready to use what you have learned to lead a healthier lifestyle and help other do the same.

According to the U.S. Department of labor, we can expect a 20% increase in the rise of employment of dietitians and nutritionists over the course of the next decade.

An example of a way you can use your health and nutrition knowledge is to start a blog. By becoming a health and fitness blogger, you can work from home, build a satisfying career, and stay fit.


Should You Attend an Online College?

Trying to balance education with your lifestyle can be very difficult. If this is the case, receiving an online education may be the right choice for you. There are many benefits of taking online classes. For example, you can take your education wherever you wish to go, such as your home, the library, coffee shops, etc. With that being said, it will be more convenient for you to fit your schoolwork into your schedule.

Most importantly, you can take your time since you work at your own pace.  No matter how challenging the online class is, you can independently sit back and relax in order to fully understand the material. Once considering your schedule and personal needs, you can choose whether or not an online college, like Ashworth College, is the right decision for you.


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Earning Your Online Business Administration Degree

No matter what career path you end up taking, the skills you acquire while taking online business classes will ultimately lay a strong foundation for any job field. That is why earning an online degree in business administration at Ashworth College can help you achieve whatever professional desires you possess.

The first essential skill one will develop is public speaking, an ability used in one’s personal life and almost every job field out there. Another necessary skill to learn is management style, the ability to be able to take on leadership and make important decisions while guiding people. Lastly, acquiring the basic business knowledge of marketing, accounting, and technology will assist a person whether it is in a traditional business setting or not. By earning an online business administration degree, one can easily obtain these vital skills and credentials.

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ashworth college- online degree

College Done Your Way

Receiving an online education has many more positive aspects than you may think. First of all, it can be a lot more affordable than attending a brick-and-mortar school. You can avoid spending a lot of money on things such as parking, meal plans, and on campus housing. Living in the comfort of your own home also guarantees you to work and sleep on your own schedule, and refraining from pulling all-nighters at the library.

Additionally, going to an online college enables you to avoid getting dressed up for class, eating dining hall food, and commuting in all kinds of inclement weather. Most importantly, you can schedule your day however you wish regarding your lifestyle without having to fret over the time of your classes. Consequently, earning an affordable and legitimate online degree at Ashworth College definitely has some benefits that allow one to live without the troubles of campus life.


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veterinary assistant

Online Veterinary Assistant Programs

Nowadays, pet owners want their animals to receive the best medical care available. Therefore, more veterinarians and qualified vet assistants are needed in the job market. This is creating great opportunities for those who study to become a vet assistant, whether it is a traditional or online program, such as Ashworth College’s online veterinary assistant program.  

There are a couple of reasons for this increasing demand in vet assistants. For one thing, people are willing to spend a lot of money in order to secure the health and welfare of their pets, especially with qualified veterinarians and vet assistants. These specialists are also needed because of the latest technology updates in veterinary offices. Lastly, more and more places besides vet offices require people with animal care training and expertise, such as zoos, aquariums, animal shelters, etc.

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Diesel Mechanic Job Opportunities

If you enjoy watching racing and being part of the excitement that takes place on the track, a career in diesel mechanics could be the right fit for you.  A race team tech should have a background in mechanics and engineering.  Ashworth College offers a convenient online program in Diesel Mechanic Training that will provide you with knowledge that can help you begin your career as a diesel mechanic and heavy vehicle specialist.

Race team technicians have many responsibilities including making sure the car is ready for the race, keeping cars running smoothly and at top performance, and vehicle maintenance.  By 2022, it is estimated that there will be 21,600 new diesel mechanic jobs.  Having a complete understanding, along with experience, will lead you to success on the job.

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Substance Abuse Counseling Careers Are Growing

The field of substance abuse counseling is ranked #18 in Best Health Care Jobs and continues to grow.  It is a high demand job that will have to create 28,200 new positions to fulfill the need for these specialized counselors.  This is a newer area in the counseling industry, and job security and room for growth are two main benefits to choosing this field.


Ashworth College’s online program informs and educates students about the relationship between substance abuse and mental health issues or disorders.  Students also gain experience from hands-on supervised clinical practice.  You could help lead someone else down a better path when you make a positive impact by offering support and providing treatment to patients.

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Taking an Online Cooking Course

Cooking is a skill anyone can develop at any point in time, and it is even something you can make a career out of.  In fact, it is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there will be 121,500 careers for those in the culinary industry by

If you are looking for additional income that you can earn on your own schedule, cooking can be a good option.  You can work part time by catering events, cooking for select holidays, or baking for specialty pastry shops.  Even if you don’t want to cook professionally, it is a great asset to have.  You will be able to create tasty dishes that meet your dietary needs and satisfy your taste buds!

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The Economy is Shaping Interior Decorating

If you want to become an interior decorator, having a creative eye is key. Ashworth College offers comprehensive, career-focused interior decorating courses that may help you begin your interior-decorating career. It is important to remember that economic conditions can affect your job success, and as the economy continues to change, your career will change with

The construction industry had a good year in 2014. Spending was at the highest it had been since 2006. Along with new construction come new job opportunities. Homes, offices, and newly built apartments are all possible decorating options. In addition, homeowners might want to remodel or redecorate their current homes – on a budget, of course. Pinterest is one source you can use for inspiration. Interior decorating allows you to use your imagination and express your creativity!

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wedding- planner

Destination Wedding Planning

Leading wedding website, The Knot, recognized that one fourth of all weddings were destination weddings. Most destination weddings are within the continental US. A couple that is planning a destination wedding is more likely to hire a wedding planner to help them with the elaborate event.

This is your opportunity to shine. By training to become a wedding planner through Ashworth College, you’ll have the opportunity to become a Certified Sandals Resorts Destination Wedding Specialist.

For more information on destination wedding planning, read: “Become a wedding planner for destination weddings.”

electronics health records

An Advancement in Health Records Technology

Technology is advancing faster than ever in the digital age. The advancement in technology has also led to advancements in the way businesses operate. The healthcare field isn’t staying behind. They are always improving their equipment and technology that will help save patients’ money, time and lives.

The new changes in technology and insurance have led to health records management jobs being in high demand. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts a 22% increase in career opportunities for medical records and health information technicians through 2022.

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Share Your Story With Ashworth

We have made some recent updates. We have a new site dedicated to Ashworth College testimonials, reviews and success stories. The new site is Ashworth College Reviews. You can view alumni video testimonials, photos as well as written reviews. These reviews come from real Ashworth College students that decided to share their journey with us.


If you are a student or alumni from Ashworth College, share your story with us!

carolyn mcdale review

Carolyn’s Early Childhood Education Review

I graduated from Ashworth College with an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education and it has been a tremendous experience for me. I initially looked for Ashworth College online, and to be honest, my decision was made by some of the previous testimonials. Since I came to Ashworth College it has truly been an experience where I can actually go on my terms.

I am a working parent, and the cost of Ashworth College is what made it a winning choice for me. Not only did I graduate, but I enrolled in a second program. Now I am working towards my BA in Early Childhood Education, and I am very excited about the program. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quality education for the price.

I am ecstatic about it. It really shows that you can achieve your goals at Ashworth College that doesn’t set you up so you can fail. The materials were easy to understand and very thorough. I liked that you had to do homework, assignments, and reports. It was like attending any other college. The support group! I cannot stress that enough! The support for us was excellent, it’s one of the things that kept pushing me along to reach my goals.

Carolyn McDale reviews Ashworth College

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New Video Reviews on YouTube

We have new video testimonials on YouTube. Check out our channel to see reviews and testimonials from recent graduates. The 2014 graduation recently passed, and we were thrilled to see all of the happy faces. The graduates were ecstatic and their families were extremely proud. It was a successful graduation with a great turnout. All of the graduates had their own unique journey and story to tell. We were able to get some of their testimonials on camera and share them with all of our prospective and current students. New videos will be posted throughout the upcoming months, so please check back on YouTube for updated reviews.

amy ashworth graduate

Amy the Marketing Graduate

Amy graduated from Ashworth College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. We would like to congratulate Amy on her accomplishment especially because she graduated with honors! Go Amy! Amy is one of our international students. She lives in the Caribbean, and was able to make her dreams come true thanks to Ashworth College. Thanks for making it to graduation Amy! We really appreciate you making the trip!

amy ashworth graduate

ashworth college michell

Congratulations to Michell

ashworth college michellMichell Barclay Oberly is a recent Ashworth College graduate. Michell graduated with honors from our online medical office assisting program as well as our online Medical Billing & Coding program. Congratulations to Michell! We wish you the best in your career.

Graduate ready to take the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) exam from our partner, the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), an industry leader, opening the door to great job opportunities and the professional advancement you’ve always wanted.

online college training review - ashworth college

Ashworth College Reviews- Online Career Training

Ashworth College is an online education that is available internationally. No matter where you are and what time it is, there is always someone available to answer any questions you have. Ashworth College students have around the clock online and phone support. Check out this Ashworth College review from students that thank Ashworth College for helping them start the career they always wanted.

Ashworth reviews diesel mechanic

Diesel Mechanic Training Career Diploma

Diesel Mechanic Training

Ashworth reviews diesel mechanicIf you are already working in the automotive industry and would like to boost your career, maybe you should consider a career diploma in diesel mechanic training. This is also a great program for anyone trying to break into the automotive industry. Here is an Ashworth review of  the diesel mechanic training program.

What does the Diesel Mechanic Training Program have to offer?

Ashworth College developed an interactive curriculum that shows you how to become a diesel mechanic and a heavy vehicle specialist. Ashworth partners with the Multistate Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortorium (MAVCC) to help gear you towards career success. Students will learn all the foundations for all major vehicle as well as heavy truck repairs and hydraulics.


ashworth reviews- early childhood education

Early Childhood Education: Ashworth Reviews

The early childhood education degree from Ashworth College allows you to apply your studies to the 120 hours of professional education necessary for the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.

Tiffany was excited to learn that her associate degree credits were able to transfer into her Bachelor’s degree program. Tiffany graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in hopes of owning her own nonprofit for children. Tiffany loved studying at Ashworth College and we are happy we were able to help Tiffany be one step closer to her goals. Congratulations Tiffany!