5 Reasons You Should Be Getting Your Degree Right Now

Making the decision to get started on your degree can be scary and it’s easy to continue to put it off until you find the “right time”. Here are five reasons you should be getting your degree right now:

  1. Climb the career ladder.
    Earning a college degree will help open many doors for you, regardless if it’s an associate’s, bachelor’s or beyond. In fact, nearly 60% of all jobs in the US require higher education and people with a college degree are statistically more likely to have more job and promotion opportunities. If you’re already in the workforce, getting a degree can be the best way to help you get more opportunities you deserve.
  2. Provide for yourself and your family.
    Studies show that people with a bachelor’s degree earn 84% more in their lifetime than people who have only a high school degree. Degrees hold a lot of worth in today’s workforce and its return on your investment can prove to be extremely valuable.
  3. Live a healthier life.
    A study published in the American Journal of Public Health revealed that people who earned a bachelor’s degree after reaching the age of 25 had fewer symptoms of depression and a higher rating of self-health. Highly educated people tend to have healthier habits and avoid unhealthy behaviors.
  4. Ashworth College makes it easy to begin and keep going.
    Ashworth College delivers education on your own terms. With the ability to self-pace your lessons, you’re in control of when, where and how you study. The flexible online learning approach means it’s practical, convenient and many of the programs are priced up to 80% less than what you’d pay at other schools.

There’s no time like the present
Procrastinating a big decision like getting your degree might mean you don’t necessarily know where to begin. In many cases, big tasks aren’t really tasks at all; they’re aggregates of many smaller tasks. So begin your first step today and request free program information from Ashworth College.

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