Ashworth College Online Training Expands

Ashworth College expands online training with professional certification program. A new  professional certification program has been introduced to Ashworth College Online. The new certification program includes preparation for industry certification. These training packages are designed to give students a competitive edge in the job market.

To benefit the students we have designed  professional certification programs to better prepare them to fill important roles in some of today’s most in-demand careers. These 12 programs, which include Computer Networking Training, Medical Office Assistant Training and Pharmacy Technician Training, prepare students to become certified in preparation to begin working in career fields that are expected to grow over the next decade.

The new format of the training packages was designed by trained specialists who know what comprises strong, practical foundation training.  Included in most programs by Ashworth College Online is a voucher for the certification exam offered by specific industry-recognized certification organizations, as well as post-graduate career placement assistance provided by Career Builder.

“We work closely with several well-known and highly respected certification agencies to ensure our students are prepared to complete the agencies’ certification exams and are ready for their future careers.” – Ashworth College



Ashworth College Online Press Release

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