Carolyn’s Early Childhood Education Review

I graduated from Ashworth College with an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education and it has been a tremendous experience for me. I initially looked for Ashworth College online, and to be honest, my decision was made by some of the previous testimonials. Since I came to Ashworth College it has truly been an experience where I can actually go on my terms.

I am a working parent, and the cost of Ashworth College is what made it a winning choice for me. Not only did I graduate, but I enrolled in a second program. Now I am working towards my BA in Early Childhood Education, and I am very excited about the program. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quality education for the price.

I am ecstatic about it. It really shows that you can achieve your goals at Ashworth College that doesn’t set you up so you can fail. The materials were easy to understand and very thorough. I liked that you had to do homework, assignments, and reports. It was like attending any other college. The support group! I cannot stress that enough! The support for us was excellent, it’s one of the things that kept pushing me along to reach my goals.

Carolyn McDale reviews Ashworth College

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