Jewelry Design Course at Ashworth

Creating jewelry is not only skill, it’s a talent. If you always enjoyed making jewelry as a hobby, how about earning some money for them? Sure, you can always go to markets or fairs to sell your creation, but that does not have the potential reach you can have on the internet.

The internet lets you reach more potential customers and widen your reach. Social media and e-commerce sites make it easier than ever to show your creations to the world. Two sites that can really boost your jewelry making business are Pinterest and Etsy.

Jewelry Design Courses + Pinterest + Etsy = Success!


Etsy is one of the largest online markets, it has a community of 30 million buyers and creative businesses. People who are looking for products like yours can simply purchase it on the site. To expand your reach on Etsy you can use social media sites like Pinterest.


You can use Pinterest as a great site to show off your creations. All you need to do is take very clear pictures of your creations. Pinterest allows you to link the picture to a website, which makes it extremely easy to direct customers to a webpage to purchase. Therefore, if you have your creations on Etsy you can link it to your pictures.

That was a quick tutorial on how to expand your jewelry business. Make money doing something you enjoy! Check out our Jewelry design diploma.


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