Ria’s Criminal Justice Review

Ashworth College Graduate Ria Louis has a dream view the website
to work as a forensic hermes belts scientist, but she was looking for flexibility in schedule and to not have student debt. She was able to find all of that in her experience at Ashworth College. The support she received while studying was top notch and she’s on her way to pursuing her dreams.

Watch what Ria has to say below:

Video Transcript

“My name is Ria Louis from Antigua and Barbuda and I recently completed the Bachelor hermes belt fake hermes belts
of Science in Criminal authentic hermes birkin purses designer
Justice with Ashworth College.

My long-term dream goal is to be a forensic scientist and so this is just a stepping stone for to get where I wanted.

I wanted a program that was flexible, something hermes birkin bag that I could do on my own pace that would work with my schedule.

I’m self-motivated, very dedicated, and ambitious and knew what I wanted so I just did what I needed to do to get it done.

I was able to make monthly payments without actually getting a loan. I’m one who doesn’t want a big student loan. And you know, for parents working, single hermes birkin 25 orange on people
parents; whatever you are Ashworth is the place birkin bag hermes for you.

If you do need support, the support is available, it’s reasonable in terms of pricing- you can’t beat it. I have studied with another college and I’m telling you it’s top notch, it’s the best!”

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