Susan Donaldson Ashworth College Testimonial

Ashworth College alumnus, Susan Donaldson, has two degrees. One in general studies, and one in Home Health. Susan enjoyed her experience with her fellow students, staff, and professors. Today she is enrolling to finish her Bachelor’s at Ashworth!

Hear what else Susan has to say in the video below:

Video Transcript:

“My name is Susan Donaldson and I graduated from two programs with Ashworth. I have associates in General Studies, and I also have the home health, which I graduated with honors.

Because I’m homebound it was the better choice for me- I mean it was an amazing experience for me. My instructors got back to me, tests graded in a timely manor; I never had an issue with Ashworth.

I loved the community and seeing where people were from and making friends and everything like that. And there was a deep concentration of people that lived in my area so, it was nice to talk to those people- I still am friends with those people it was just amazing to be able to do that.

Being there made me feel like being a part of something- and I would really recommend that to anybody.

Ya know there is no reason not to go to school, especially with a place like Ashworth. It’s giving you the opportunity to better yourself and it’s a sense of accomplishment.

On Monday I am reenrolling to finish my bachelors with Ashworth. So I love Ashworth and I’m graduating today!”

Learn about the Ashworth College Home Health Program

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