The Ultimate “What Should I Major In?” Quiz

It’s one of the hardest questions you might ever ask yourself: What should I major in? Take our quiz to help guide you in the right direction!

1. In high school, your favorite subject was…

  • A. Anything that you got good grades in.
  • B. Human Behavior or Psych classes.
  • C. History or Political Science.
  • D. Chemistry, math… Anything that involved problem-solving.

2. In your free time, you can always be found…

  • A. Brainstorming new ideas or inventing something new
  • B. Reading books or journaling your thoughts and feelings
  • C. Binge-watching a Law & Order marathon.
  • D. Organizing absolutely anything and everything.

3. If someone comes to you with a problem, you help them by…

  • A. Taking charge by creating an exact plan to get them through it.
  • B. Asking them questions to understand what they’re thinking and feeling about the problem.
  • C. Walk with them step by step to figure out exactly what went wrong and who might be responsible.
  • D. Using your skills to make things run more efficiently.

4. Which of these things is the most important to you?

  • A. Making Good Money.
  • B. Helping Others.
  • C. Making a difference in your community.
  • D. Using your skills to  make things run more efficiently.

5. What is your ultimate life goal?

  • A. To be a CEO.
  • B. To get a doctorate degree.
  • C. To serve the law.
  • D. To be in charge of a large organization that helps people.

6. In a team you…

  • A. Are the team leader.
  • B. Do all the research.
  • C. Make sure everyone is doing their fair share.
  • D. Usually wind up doing all the work.

Count up your responses! If you answered…

Mostly A’s: You should major in Business! You love taking charge and being successful and your brain is constantly thinking about cool ideas. With Ashworth’s programs like Business Administration or Marketing, you can learn how to make awesome business plans for the next great company. Next, we’ll see you on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Mostly B’s: You should major in Psychology! You’re fascinated by the way people think and want to do something to help people who may be struggling with their mental or emotional health. Ashworth’s Psychology program offers a strong foundation to help you play an important role in people’s lives.

Mostly C’s: You should major in Criminal Justice! You want to help your community and your take-charge attitude lends itself to a career serving the law. With some many career possibilities with a Criminal Justice degree from Ashworth, you can find exactly the right fit for you and your passion.

Mostly D’s: You should major in Healthcare! Your mind is fit for problem-solving and putting those skills to work in one of today’s fastest-growing fields could be the right move for you. Ashworth’s Healthcare Majors offer many opportunities to get involved in the wide array of sectors in the healthcare industry, making you a standout candidate in whatever area you choose.


Get started by exploring all of Ashworth College’s programs for online courses and degrees today.

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